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    • Recent Events
      A Simple Relativistic Cosmology of the Universe. Paper presented at the International Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics:Celebrating 100 Years of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, Lahore, Pakistan, February 10-14, 2015 Adobe PDF icon Read more
      On Beauty and social justice- ETH  13.5. 2014  ppt Full Presentation

      Professor Ramzi Suleiman lecture "The Golden Ratio: From Physics to Ethics" at Social and Organizational Psychology, Free University of Amsterdam. youtube iconClick here to watch  Adobe PDF icon Read Abstract Adobe PDF icon Full Presentation pptFull Presentation(.ppt) 

      Professor Ramzi Suleiman lectures at the Department of Social & Organizational Psychology,Leiden University. Adobe PDF icon Read Abstract Adobe PDF icon Full Presentation
      بروفسور رمزي سليمان مع سوزان حجار نجار في برنامجها الاذاعي لمن يجرؤ
  • WHERE PHYSICS WENT ASTRAY, WHY? AND HOW TO PUT IT BACK ON COURSEAdobe PDF icon Abstract Adobe PDF icon  Full Presentation ppt Full Presentation(.ppt) 13th of February 11:00 AM, Seminar Room,Department of Psychology , University of Haifa
  • كل العرب : بروفسور رمزي سليمان في محاضرة علمية ناجحة: أينشتاين كان على خطأ !!! للمزيد
  • محاضرة لبروفيسور رمزي سليمان بجامعة القدس العربية للمزيد
  • Correcting Einstein's Relativity- The most fortunate mistake in physics  21. 4.2013Adobe PDF icon Full Presentation Adobe PDF icon Abstract
My C.V.



Working Papers In Physics


  • Information Relativity Theory of Everything - A brief summary Full Article
  • Information Relativity Theory and its Application to Time and Space link
  • Relativity Theory and Its Application to Cosmolog link
  • If God Plays Dice, Must We do the Same? Quantum Entanglement as a Deterministic Phenomenon link
  • God Does Not Play Dice: Matter-Wave Duality, Quantum Phase Transition and Bose-Einstein Condensate as Deterministic and Local Phenomena link
  • Information Relativity Theory Solves the Twin Paradox Symmetrically link
  • Relativity Without Lorentz Invariance Solves the Twin Paradox -under review Full article
  • The Traveling Twins Paradox - under review Full article
  • Sagnac Effect and Special Relativity - A Thought Experiment -under review Full article
  • Newton's Second Law revisited -under review Full article
  • Black holes have no interior singularities Full article
  • Complete Relativity Predicts the Recently Reported Mass of the Higgs Boson Full article 
  • On Reconciling Quantum Theory and Relativity Full article
  • The Results of Recent Neutrino Velocity Experiments Disprove Special Relativity Theory Full article
  • The dynamics of moving bodies without Lorentz's invariance (part I): time and distance transformations Full article
  • The Dynamics of Moving Bodies without Lorentz's Invariance Abstract Full article
  • The Dark Side Revealed - A Complete Relativity Theory Predicts the Content of the Universe_ Progress in Physics_vol. 4 - 2013  Abstract  Full article
  • A Complete Relativity Theory Predicts with Precision the Neutrino Velocities - Progress in Physice Vol.4 2013 Abstract Full article
  • A Simple Relativity Theory of Everything Abstract  Full  articleAn unprecedented review by the proceeding of the National Academy of Scienses (U.S.A) PNAS rejected my Theory of Everything because I did not prove my axiom !!

Working Papers In Psychology And Economics

  • What is a fair salary? - under review Full article
  • The frustration effect: behavioral and emotional reactions to unanswered voice (with Margalit, L. & Samid, Y.) - under review Full article
  • An aspirations model of decisions in a class of ultimatum games - under review Full article
  • Explicit and Implicit Evaluation of Pain Experienced by Ingroup and Outgroup Members: the Case of the Jewish-Arab Conflict (with Yahya, R., Decety, J., & Shamay-Tsoory, S.) -under review Full article
  • Emotions, self-interest and self-worth in minimal bargaining interactions (with Samid, Y.) - under review.
  • Between the Golden Rule and the Golden Ratio – An Essay on Religion and Morals - under review.
  • On religious prosociality, fairness, and beauty Full article
  • Why people punish in public goods games, and on whom punishment is most effective: Conventional wisdoms reconsidered Full article
  • An Aspirations-Homeostasis Theory of Interactive Decisions Full article
  • Economic Harmony  : A Theory of Cooperation between Egoists Abstract Full article
  • Why Do Proposers Offer 60/40?: The Golden Ratio Solves the Ultimatum Puzzle Abstract Full article
  •  To Treat Others as You'd want Them to Treat You, or to treat them as You'd Treat Yourself? - A Comparison between two Moral and Religious Principles  AbstractFull Article

بين القانون الذهبي والنسبة الذهبية مقال عن الدين والأخلاق    Full Article    Abstract 


In The Media:


صحيفة الاخبار بارنت : بروفسور رمزي سليمان يلقي محاضرة عن نظريته النسبيِة في جامعة حيفاللمزيد

  • Engineer Habib Sakhnini : Palestinian scientist Prof. Ramzi Suleiman confirms he had developed a theory that assures Einstein's special relativity theory and the hypothesis of the speed of light being constant are both wrong read more

المهندس حبيب سخنيني: يؤكد العالم الفلسطيني البروفيسور رمزي سليمان انه قد انجز نظرية فيزيائية يترتب عليها ان نظرية اينشتاين النسبية الخاصة وفرضيتها الثانية بان سرعة الضوء ثابتة, خاطئتان للمزيد

الشاعر سميح القاسم:صديقنا البروفيسور رمزي سليمان يقوله انه توصل في ابحاثه الى امور تشير الى خلل في نظرية آينشتاينللمزيد



محاضرة لبروفسور رمزي سليمان بعنوان: "تصحيح نظريّة آينشتاين النسبيّة – أوفر أخطاء الفيزياء حظًا". للمزيد

  • Journalist Anton Shulhut interviews Prof.Suleiman about his relativity theory read more

الصحفي أنطون شلحت يحاور بروفسور سليمان حول نظريته النسبيّة للمزيد

  • Ahlan Website : Prof.Ramzi Suleiman challenges Einsten's special relativity theory read more

موقع اهلا : البروفيسور رمزي سليمان يطعن بنظرية آينشتاين النسبية الخاصة للمزيد

  • Barnet Website : A scientist suggests a very brave hypothesis in physics read more

موقع بارنت وصحيفة الاخبار : عالم يطرح نظرية فيزيائية جريئة جدا بروفسور رمزي سليمان يطعن بنظرية آينشتاين النسبية,النظريّة تكشف سر الطاقة والمادة السوداويتين اللتان تشكلان معًا95% من الكون للمزيد


 موقع رادار : يطرح البروفسور سليمان عن نظريته كبديل لنظرية آينشتاين النسبيّة الخاصّة التي نشرت في مقالة آينشتاين الشهيرة سنة 1905 للمزيد


موقع زوفة : البروفسور رمزي سليمان محاضرة بعنوان "اين حادت الفيزياء عن الطريق ولماذا؟ للمزيد

موقع القلعة : بروفسور سليمان في محاضرة علمية : أينشتاين كان على خطأ !!!للمزيد


مقال نشر في صحيفة الحقيقة :البروفسور رمزي سليمان يطعن بنظرية آينشتاين النسبية الخاصةللمزيد



مقابلة في اذاعة الشمس مع البروفيسور رمزي سليمان للاستماع اضغط هنا





     ستبدي لك الأيام ما كنت جاهلا                               
                                              ويأتيك بالأخبار من لم تزود
ويأتيك بالأخبار من لم تبع له                          
                                                 بتاتا ولم تضرب له وقت موعد

(طرفة بن العبد) 

  • I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him.
  • In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

                                                                                  Galileo Galilei

  • Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

                                                                                   Albert Einstein

  • Sanity is not a matter of statistics

                                                                                  George Orwell


                        طيور في امستردام - Birds in Amsterdam                        

About Me

my photo  1I studied at the Department of Psychology, the University of Haifa, where I received my M.A. degree in clinical psychology (thesis: Structure of National and Civil Identity of Educated Arabs in Israel) and my Ph.D. degree in decision making (dissertation: Provision of Step-Level Public Goods under Uncertainty). I also studied at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where I received my M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (thesis: Image Improvement by Coherent Spatial Filtering). During the last forty five years I taught at many academic institutions, including the Department of Management & Policy and the Department of Marketing at the University of Arizona, The Department of Psychology at Tel-Aviv University, and the Departments of Psychology and Economics and the School of Political Science at the University of Haifa. At the University of Haifa I served at several administrative positions, including Chair of the Psychology Department, Head of the Social Psychology Graduate Program and Head of the Social Psychology Laboratory. I am also co-founder and editorial member of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation.

Behavioral Sciences

I consider myself a psychologist and behavioral scientist. I study individual and group human behavior, particularly Social Dilemma Situations. This includes the study of Public Goods with and without punishment, Common Pool Resource management, trust and the evolution of cooperation. I also study bargaining situations and social identity. In my research I mainly use controlled laboratory experiments, mathematical modelling and computer simulations. The theories and models on which I ground my research on include game theory, evolutionary theories and psychological and anthropological theories and models.


I have recently become interested in physics, particularly in relativity theories, cosmology and small particles’ physics. During last year, I have written a relativity theory, titled "A Simple Relativity Theory of Everything", which among several important results, solves the puzzle of dark matter and dark energy, which constitutes together about 95% of the universe. Links to the manuscript of my theory of everything, and to two related manuscripts, appear above in the "selected papers" window.

Palestinian Identity

Although I am not a dedicated researcher of social identity, I have devoted considerable time to study the Jewish-Palestinian relations and the collective identity of Israeli-Palestinians. For more than twenty years, I contributed to numerous scholarly and field-activities directed towards the empowerment of the Palestinian minority in Israel and the promotion of dialogue between Jews and Palestinians. This includes scholarly writings, leading roles in NGOs, participation in conferences and teaching advanced courses on Jewish-Arab relations. I served at several voluntary positions in civil society institutions, including the President of the Galilee Center for Social Research and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the School for Peace. I was also one of the initiators and directors of the Haifa declaration  وثيقة حيفا אמנת חיפה, a collaboration comprised of a large group of Palestinian intellectuals, academics, and social activists, who issued a social-political statement, pertaining to the past, present and vision of the Palestinian minority in Israel.

Other Writings

In addition to my research interests I write and publish poems, prose poems, short stories, literary vignettes, and social and political articles.


Related Links:             

My son Fouad Suleiman

My daughter  Leem  Suleiman     

My brother Elia Suleiman






Psychology & Economics:          

Behavioral Economics

Social Dilemmas







Physics & Mathematics:

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio I  ( you-tube )

GoldenRatioII ( you-tube )

Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Sequence in Nature ( you-tube )





جهة الشعر (Arabic Poetry)

Ṭarafah ibn al-‘Abd poetry

معلقة طرفة بن العبد


Favorite Songs:

اراك عصي دم-ام كلثوم

رباعيات الخيام - ام كلثوم 

Entre dos Aguas(Paco de Lucia)



Ṭarafah ibn al-‘Abd - ( c.543 - c.569 )

Leonardo Fibonacci ( c.1170-c.1250 )

Galileo Galilei ( c.1564 - c.1642 )



من ابلغ النثر

خطبة الحجاج بن يوسف الثقفى في اهل العراق

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