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Ramzi Suleiman


Ave Maria

Aaaaaave Mareeeeiaaaaa

Aaaaaave Mareeeeiaaaaa

She sings into a sizzling night.

It is the end of July

And the legendry Céline Dion

Is in the Colosseum,

Caesars Place, Las Vegas,

where she performs almost everyday

with her heavenly voice,

for she has signed a three-years extendable contract.


Now the music ends

the crowd is in fervor

they whistle and bark and howl

in one chorus

like a pack of coyotes.



the holy spirit is in a sneaky retreat

collecting the lower notes,

which have stuck, here and there

some in the hall, somein the balcony,

she slips through the back door,

for the front door is packed,

with flesh and silver

gold and diamonds

fancy clothes, shoes,

millions worth of jewelry

and plastic surgery

all stumble hastily

to circle round the roulettes

that are stationed downstairs.

In the gambling hall.


The hall is far from empty

for many have stayed.

With trembling fingers,

They shove their quarters

In the holes of quirky machines.

Some did not hear about Céline,

While others heard,

But they all had to leave some spare money

for their “Grey Hound” trips back home.


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