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The woman who prepared my last supper


Ramzi Suleiman

Last supper in Jena-Paradies 

The woman who prepared my last supper

At the Max Planck in Jena

Seated me on a long white table

Brought me three dishes,

Three soup bowls,

Three knives, three forks,

And three long necked glasses.

For a moment she smiled

Perhaps because she remembered

The story of the three bears

Then she brought a small broidered basket

Like the one on the hard cover.

She apologized herself,

Said she is going to fetch my supper.

I said to her: my dear lady,

Today I came here by myself,

For the father has been falling

In a deep sleep

For thousands and thousands of years

And the Holy Spirit,

had been missing for long.

They say it was shot

By a short-sighted hunter

Who had mistaken her

As a white pigeon


The gracious woman

With her big body

And her beautiful eyes

Went to the kitchen

Where I could hear her laughing

A loud and merry laugh

She seems to have taken my words,


As a joke

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